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December 2012
How to Make a 3D Star 

Here's how to make a 3D five pointed star, or Barn Star.

I've made these stars from plain white paper for the tutorial, but try printing off sheets of French script or vintage music sheets such as Christmas carols, or even Christmas recipes on to thin card. They would look gorgeous made from colourful japanese origami paper too.

The stars will have more body if made from card, but don't use card that is too thick or you won't get sharp, neat folds and it will be hard to cut through the layers.

You could suspend these stars from cotton and hang them from the ceiling or against a wall, or in front of a window, or just prop them up somewhere.

The aged star below I made by printing a music score design that was already "aged" (found on a blog with free graphics such as The Graphics Fairy) and then printed it onto cream card, then made as per the above instructions.

The white music score star was made using a scan of a music score then printed onto paper.

Easy peasy - have a go!!!


  1. I love the stars! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm thinking they will look cute in different sizes across our mantle.

  2. Thanks for your comment Linda, I hope this tutorial makes sense. I think they'll look great across the mantle.


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